Lindsay Levin

Lindsay – a serial entrepreneur – founded Leaders’ Quest in 2001 as ‘her last startup,’ to help leaders and companies align profit with purpose. She has since worked to connect leaders from all disciplines and sectors, to accelerate solutions to some of the big issues in the world today. Her work explores our collective humanity, through vulnerability and listening.

Three years later, along with the LQ team, Lindsay launched the Leaders’ Quest Foundation, to build leadership capacity in grassroots communities.

Lindsay’s passion about finding the common ground between diverse perspectives and opposing voices prompted her to co-lead the launch of Future Stewards after the Paris Climate Agreement.

For the past two decades, Lindsay has been largely ‘on the road’ across Asia, Latin America and The Middle East. She’s regularly in Israel and Palestine working with people committed to peaceful coexistence.

Today, Lindsay lives in New York with her husband David and their three sons. Her book, Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time, published in 2013, is a celebration of the everyday heroes that have inspired her to ask tough questions, and strive to be the change she wants to see in the world.