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What is Three Horizons?

The Three Horizons (3H) framework helps you facilitate conversations for change and turn insight into action.

The Three Horizons Practice Network supports our people and organisations — all working in service of a regenerative future — with the practical tools and skills to make it happen.



Who is using Three Horizons?

Our members span business, policy, education, and community arenas. Get in touch with them directly to learn how they’re using Three Horizons in their area.



University for the Third Horizon has a curated Resource Library including facilitator guides. We also run trainings.

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We use Three Horizons as a foundation for system transition, including a focus on practice, policy, people (21st century competencies) and finance. Tools and resources are available in our IFF Practice Centre.

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University of York is providing face to face teaching using Three Horizons and is developing online courses in collaboration with H3Uni and Future Stewards for delivery at scale. These will be launched in 2022.

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In partnership with Public Health Wales, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has created a toolkit aimed at supporting policymakers and the public sector to use the framework.

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The Sustainability Accelerator uses Three Horizons to collaborate with different voices and create solutions. Our whole team is trained to use Three Horizons.


The Three Horizons methodology is used by a variety of researchers at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Their research spans geographies from Sweden to South Africa and Brazil.

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We use Three Horizons both internally and with our clients. We’ve also partnered with Bill Sharpe to train people as facilitators of the framework and have developed a toolkit:
10 Tools for Systems Change

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Volans uses the Three Horizons framework with businesses looking to transform their strategy for success in a regenerative future. We also use it to help reimagine entire sectors – often as part of Imaginarium processes.


Many of our team are deep experts in using Three Horizons. We’re practitioners in planning, strategy and policy for future generations.

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We’re using Three Horizons widely for climate conversations, grant strategies, our 2050 Vision for Wales, ‘Natur a Ni’. We’re also supporting our partners in public service boards to use Three Horizons to make resilient Wellbeing Plans.

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Our foundation level training runs every April, you will be equipped to use the Three Horizons framework with groups to:

    1. • Bring people with differing views onto the same page
    2. • Create a shared language for speaking about the future
    3. • Get into action in the face of complexity and uncertainty

Highlight Resources

H3 Uni Resource Library

Detailed facilitation guides for Three Horizons, Clustering, Dilemma Navigation and many other complementary tools from our members at H3Uni.

Three Horizons Kit

Facilitate your own conversations about the future with everything you need brought together in this kit by our members at IFF.

Three Horizons: Thinking and planning for the future

Fantastic Three Horizons toolkit created by our members at Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and Public Health Wales.

10 tools for systems change

Created in partnership with the COP26 High-Level Climate Action Champions providing inspiration on the most useful approaches you can employ to raise ambition for your topic of inquiry and create systemic change.

Three Horizons: an introduction

A short video explaining the 3H framework and how each of the horizons works, using a helpful example.

Video Resources.

Three Horizons: an introduction

Three Horizons (3H) is a simple framework to help guide conversations about the future towards meaningful action.

Three Horizons: the three voices

In this video, we explain how to recognize these voices and see the value each one brings, and how they might work together to navigate conversations about the future.

What is Regenerative?

Each of us has a vital role to play in ensuring society can thrive at every level.