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Highlight Resources

H3 Uni Resource Library

Detailed facilitation guides for Three Horizons, Clustering, Dilemma Navigation and many other complementary tools from our members at H3Uni.

Three Horizons Kit

Facilitate your own conversations about the future with everything you need brought together in this kit by our members at IFF.

Three Horizons: Thinking and planning for the future

Fantastic Three Horizons toolkit created by our members at Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and Public Health Wales.

10 tools for systems change

Created in partnership with the COP26 High-Level Climate Action Champions providing inspiration on the most useful approaches you can employ to raise ambition for your topic of inquiry and create systemic change.

Three Horizons: an introduction

A short video explaining the 3H framework and how each of the horizons works, using a helpful example.

Video Resources.

Three Horizons: an introduction

Three Horizons (3H) is a simple framework to help guide conversations about the future towards meaningful action.

Three Horizons: the three voices

In this video, we explain how to recognize these voices and see the value each one brings, and how they might work together to navigate conversations about the future.

What is Regenerative?

Each of us has a vital role to play in ensuring society can thrive at every level.