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What is Three Horizons?

A simple and intuitive way to help people have better conversations about the future and map the changes they want to create.

Watch a short introduction to Three Horizons

• Map the challenges you’re facing today in the first horizon (H1), the goals or visions of the future you want to create in the third (H3), via the key activities and ideas that can help you get there in the second horizon (H2).

• Encourage conversations about challenges in the present, aspirations for the future, and the kinds of innovation you need in order to address both.

• Enable transformative change by drawing attention toward systemic patterns.

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What our trainings cover

Our trainings equip you to: Bring people with different views onto the same page, create a shared language for speaking about the future, and appreciate the value of multiple actors.

You will learn to apply Three Horizons to any topic or task, scope and build a Three Horizons map, and distinguish between innovation that sustains the status quo (H2-) or fosters transformative innovation (H2+).

Through Three Horizons, you will also develop practical facilitation skills for both online and face to face sessions, and use the library of resources made available to you.

Practical details


The trainings take place using Zoom & Miro. One session per week for three weeks with two optional one-hour Q&As between sessions for participants to ask extra questions and deepen learning.


Corporate/consultancy: £1,200 per person

Civil service/NGO/Education: £500 per person

Any profit goes toward the development of new content through our commons of resources in the form of videos, case studies, facilitation guides, and toolkits. All resources are made freely available.

We do not wish for price to be a barrier to participation and have bursary places. Please discuss this with us if this is prohibitive.

Upcoming trainings

October/November: Register here

April 2023 dates TBC. Please get in touch with us to register your interest.

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What participants say about the training

Loved working in groups and facilitating ourselves. Three Horizons is a great strategic and visionary tool. It really sparked thoughts and aligned groups for a common journey.


Loved this training! It was a great balance of interactive and taught, lots of stretching and breaks were fab. Also met some fantastic people from interesting industries.


This facilitation training has really deepened my understanding and built my confidence to convene.


Deeply impressive to see the applications of Three Horizons, and feels good to be connected with the community/network and the leading edge work that is in flow.


Our Training Team


Bill Sharpe is a founding partner of Future Stewards, a leading futures practitioner and researcher in science, technology and society. Bill has undertaken a wide range of consulting work in technology, strategy, research and innovation for international clients in the public and commercial sectors. He is the author of Three Horizons: The Patterning of Hope.


Rosa Sommer is a Director at Leaders’ Quest where she leads on programme development for regenerative business, climate change, and futures tools. As Director of the Three Horizons Practice Network she connects the dots across pioneering organisations committed to growing their futures practice.