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Future Stewards: Engaging with Three Horizons

Three Horizons is a simple and intuitive tool for thinking about the future. It enables groups to explore systemic patterns and identify which of the dominant patterns are no longer ft for purpose, how emerging trends can shape the future, and what visionary action is needed to collectively move toward a viable future.

Organisations across the Future Stewards Practice Network can use Three Horizons in their daily work and learn to:

• Bring people with differing views onto the same page

• Create a shared language for speaking about the future

• Appreciate the value of multiple, diverse actors and create opportunities for collaboration and success

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Three Horizons Approach Trainings

You will learn to apply Three Horizons to any topic or task, scope and build a Three Horizons map, and distinguish between innovation that sustains the status quo (H2-) or fosters transformative innovation (H2+).

Through Three Horizons, you will also develop practical facilitation skills for both online and face to face sessions.

Patterns of Change

The Three Horizon model gives us a deeper understanding of the significance of what we usually call short, medium and long-term futures. The model is based on the observation that businesses, technologies, political policies and even whole civilizations exhibit life-cycles of initiation, growth, peak performance, decline and even death.

These cycles can be viewed as waves of change in which a dominant form is eventually overtaken and displaced by another.

These patterns also show up in our personal lives. We may experience a life change that is not an extension of our past, but rather one in which a new pattern emerges. In this process, we go through a disruptive crisis of transition and transformation.

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What Participants Can Expect from Three Horizons Trainings

You will participate in different elements of group work, personal refection, sharing and providing practical advice.

Training consists of four mandatory sessions in which you will develop personally and gain technical facilitation skills. Participants are asked to treat each session as a real workshop by remaining present and focused.

Participants will also complete a short pre-reading on Three Horizons (prior knowledge of Three Horizons is preferred but not necessary).


Our Training Team


Bill Sharpe is a founding partner of Future Stewards, a leading futures practitioner and researcher in science, technology and society. Bill has undertaken a wide range of consulting work in technology, strategy, research and innovation for international clients in the public and commercial sectors. He is the author of Three Horizons: The Patterning of Hope.


Rosa Sommer is a Director at Leaders’ Quest where she leads on programme development for regenerative business, climate change, and futures tools. As Director of the Future Stewards Practice Network she connects the dots across pioneering organisations committed to growing the practice of Three Horizons.