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The Positive Handbook for Regenerative Business

A useful regenerative guide for SMEs

From social injustice, to climate change, this handbook sets out a practical vision for transformational change inspired by Nature.

The authors have anchored their vision in Regenerative indigenous wisdom, purpose, systems change, biodiversity, nature, and human potential. This Handbook is full of inspiring case studies of pioneering changemaker companies at the front lines of positive impact. Whether you run a mission-led business or are an aspiring entrepreneur with a big idea who wants to change the world, this is an indispensable guide.

About Positive

Positive is a community of changemaker businesses empowering a Regenerative economy. They equip their members with tools and frameworks to build resilient mission-led businesses. All members pledge to uphold our core values inspired by the Positive Compass: right relationship with nature; elevating human potential; value for all; and honouring communities and places.

Positive’s mission is to build on the fantastic work of other pioneers in this movement and help take sustainability to the next dimension. Equipping those who care about our planet and humanity to make their individual contribution to caretaking for our planet and each other. To change the dominant narrative of winner-takes-all business so that we can create an economy that works for all, operating within the safe operating space of the planet.